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  • $15.59

    Panties 2-pack from Dorina. String lace design with decorative bow at front. Cotton lined front. One blue and one grey pair of panties.
    Machine wash at 40 degrees. Made of 84{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide and 16{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 412714-2945
    • Colour: Dark Blue
  • $17.90

    Panties from Dorina. Brief design with lace at backside. Small metallic colored logo at left side.
    Cotton lined front.
    Machine wash at 40 degrees. Made of 78{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide and 22{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 412711-0014
    • Colour: Black
  • $17.95

    Thong from Dorina. Lace and mesh design. Decorative bow at front and small metallic logo at left side. Cotton lined front.
    Machine wash at 40 degrees. Made of 76{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide and 24{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 412708-0054
    • Colour: Pink
  • $22.99

    Panties from Hunkemöller. Brief satin and mesh design. Thin, decorative elastic straps at waist.
    Hand wash recommended. Made of 60{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide, 28{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyester and 12{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 137929-0014
    • Colour: Black
  • $49.90

    Bodysuit from Hunkemöller. Halterneck design in mesh and lace. Decorative opening at back. Adjustable halterneck strap with hook closure at back. Cotton lined front with snap button closure.
    Hand wash recommended. Made of 84{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide, 11{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Viscose, 3{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyester, and 2{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 137944-0014
    • Colour: Black
  • $34.90

    Nightie from Hunkemöller. Playsuit with elastic at waist. Button closure at front. Decorative, contrast-colored, lace edge at top and side hem. Thin, adjustable shoulder straps.
    Machine wash at 40 degrees. Made of 95{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Viscose and 5{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 137945-0054
    • Colour: Pink
  • $19.95

    Push-up bra from NLY Lingerie. Padded cups with lace. Adjustable shoulder straps that fasten at back.
    Made of 90{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyamide and 10{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 133387-1173
    • Colour: Champagne
  • $58.99 $50.97

    Bodysuit from OW Intimates. String design with scoop neckline at back. Cotton lined front. Snap button closure.
    Machine wash at 30 degrees. Made of 90{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Polyester and 10{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Spandex.

    • Item no.: 640711-0012
    • Colour: Beige
  • $29.90

    Panties from OW Intimates. High cut Brazilian design. Cotton lined front.
    Machine wash at 30 degrees. Made of 95{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Cotton and 5{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Spandex.

    • Item no.: 640709-0014
    • Colour: Black
  • $22.95 $17.99

    Soft bra from YAS. Lace design. Unlined cups and high neckline. Thin, elastic straps. Lace portion under bust. Decorative opening at front and back. Thin, elastic band at front center. Hook closure at neck and back.
    Machine wash at 30 degrees. Made of 90{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Nylon and 10{0624936a3ee80cc63e3ce93b2cfd922809cba62fac2a547b792582e90bc1123e} Elastane.

    • Item no.: 44158-0014
    • Colour: Black